The 10 most creepy abandoned places in the world

The specific ruins, selected by and imagined from a movie, offer a different look at a world without people. Their menacing and mysterious walls inspire a sense of awe we may not have experienced before.

#1 Pripyat, Ukraine

#2 Mirny Diamond Mine – Eastern Siberia, Russia

Pripyat, a city of about 50,000 people, was completely abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the area in 1986. Due to the radiation, it has remained untouched since the incident and will remain so for many thousands of years to come. Nature now rules the city in a way that resembles a disaster movie.

#3 The Farm – Lake Seneca, New York

The second largest man-made cavity, Mirny, was built by Stalin to meet the Soviet Union’s need for industrial diamonds. However, further excavation efforts were gradually abandoned when it turned out to be very difficult to continue digging this vast pit.

#4 Willard Asylum – Willard, New York

The hotel is a tangible proof of North Korea’s madness. Work on the 105-story building began just years before the massive plague epidemic hit the country. Abandoned for 16 years, construction resumed in 2008 when it was covered in $ 150 million worth of glass. Foreign visitors report that although the building now looks complete from the outside, most of its interior is still abandoned and unfinished.

#5 Six Flags Jazzland – New Orleans, Louisiana

These homes were intended to be sold to U.S. Army officers when construction began in 1978. In 1980, work was suspended due to a loss of investment.

#6 Banerman Castle – Polepel Island, New York

#7 Disney Discovery Island – Lake Buena Vista, Florida

The owner of Banerman Castle, Francis Banerman VI, built this building as a warehouse when he bought the US military surplus from the war with Spain. After the explosion of about 90 kilograms of ammunition in 1920, most of the castle was destroyed and the rest was abandoned.

#8 The Aniva Rock Lighthouse – Sakalinaskaya Oblast, Russia

A former wildlife attraction in the heart of Disney World, rumored to have been abandoned to its fate when bacteria found deadly to humans in the surrounding waters.

#9 Abandoned coal mine – France

The castle was originally built by French aristocrats who fled during the revolution. During and after World War II, Miranda Castle was used as an orphanage. It was abandoned in 1980, with the family refusing to allow the authorities to take care of the building. Due to its past, this “haunted” castle remains one of the favorite destinations of ghost hunters.

#10 Abandoned Mill – Ontario, Canada

Hashima Island used to be rich in coal, with more than 5,000 miners living there. When oil replaced coal as Japan’s main source of fuel, the settlement was abandoned. Now the once prosperous city is creepily ruined, with the only thing left there being shadows.

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