We live the reality of pandemic covid 19 and maybe a new movie will come after two or three years later about the Covid19. But now you must to watch this 4 movies about the pandemics, even from 1995 !! Yes, you have read well since this movies the time of the 90′, like as if the screenwriters knew what would happen in the future about Covid19!

Pandemic movies:

#1 Contagion (2011)

#2 Virus (2019)

#3 Outbreak (1995)

#4 12 Monkeys (1995)


Video below:

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Μany catastrophic events happened in 2020 that we must not forget. From a catastrophic pandemic that flooded our planet, fires and deaths ..

Here is a rundown — and timeline — of the significant occasions that happened a year ago:

  1. Australian bushfires

Australia confronted one of its most destroying rapidly spreading fire seasons as the bursts proceeded from December 2019 into the new year and consumed a record 47 million sections of land and killed at least 34 people.

2. COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization reported Jan. 9 that a dangerous virus (covid19) had arisen in Wuhan, China. Surprisingly fast, the infection has spread across the globe to in excess of 20 million individuals, coming about 751,000 passings.

3. Kobe Bryant’s death

The legendary Los Angeles Lakers player was killed along with his daughter, Gianna, and seven others when their helicopter crashed in Calabasas, Calif., on Jan. 26.

4. Black Lives Matter protests ( George Floyd)

The police-included killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor this year started an influx of quiet — and once in a while rough — exhibitions and uproars across the world to request a finish to police ruthlessness and racial unfairness.

More protests erupted in August when 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, cop and paralyzed from the waist down.

5. Beirut explosion

A gigantic blast at a Beirut port, started Aug. 4 by the incidental explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate,killed at least 190 people and injured thousands of others.

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