9 Best Christmas movies of 2021

With the surge of unique substance making a gridlock in your watch list, picking the ideal film can be a test. Here to help: the accompanying blend of prospective occasion top choices. Peruse on for eccentric rom-coms, a portion of Hollywood’s cherished celebrities, and dim comedies that exchange cheerful and splendid for freaky and dismay. Glad occasion watching and happy holidays to all!

#1 A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas is a 2021 British Christmas fantasy film directed by Gil Kenan from a screenplay by Ol Parker and Kenan, and based on the 2015 book of the same name by Matt Haig.
The film was released on 26 November 2021 in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and China, by StudioCanal, while Netflix released the film elsewhere,on 24 November 2021.The film received positive reviews from critics.
A fable bookended by narration from the amazing Maggie Smith, the tale follows a boy named Nikolas, along with his chatty mouse and magical reindeer friends, on an adventure that culminates in the discovery of Elfhelm and, in turn, Christmas. Kristen Wiig, Jim Broadbent, and Joel Fry round out the cast.

#2 A Gift from Bob

A Gift from Bob is a 2020 British Christmas biographical drama film directed by Charles Martin Smith and written by Garry Jenkins, based on the non-fiction books A Gift from Bob and The Little Book of Bob by James Bowen. It is a sequel to the 2016 film A Street Cat Named Bob, and stars Luke Treadaway, reprising his role as Bowen. Anna Wilson-Jones, Kristina Tonteri-Young, and Bob the Cat co-star. It was released in the United Kingdom by Lionsgate on 6 November 2020, and is the final film appearance of Bob, who died in an accident six months after filming was completed.

James looks back at the last Christmas he and Bob spent scraping a living on the streets and how Bob helped him through one of his toughest times – providing strength, friendship and inspiration – and ultimately teaching each other about the true meaning of Christmas spirit along the way.

#3 A Jenkins Family Christmas

From chief Robin Givens, A Jenkins Family Christmas stars Regina Taylor as Baneatta Jenkins, the family female authority whose friends and family are gathering for the principal Christmas subsequent to covering her significant other. Riding custom with another typical and unburied insider facts, Baneatta grapples with being consistent with herself, her family, and her confidence. This BET+ dramatization is imbued with parody, extraordinary exhibitions, and a gospel-substantial soundtrack—an ideal formula for conveying every one of the feels this Christmas season.

#4 Black Friday

Crowds of Black Friday customers. A blood-souring infection that transforms its casualties into bubbled beasts. The two crash in Black Friday, a bent occasion film that shakes the sensitive spots. It’s Thanksgiving night and a toy store’s representatives are planning for the next day when an outsider parasite collides with earth, adding a degree of zombified freakiness to what’s as of now a shopping bad dream. Gracious, and Devon Sawa fans from the ’90s ought to get energized he stars in this one.

#5 Love Hard

from imdb

Assuming that the Netflix divine beings are so kind as to effortlessness us with many occasion themed romantic comedies this year, then, at that point, so be it. We will observe each one with a hot drink close by. Here, we have Nina Dobrev as Natalia, a dazzling Los Angeles reporter who some way or another can’t track down a legitimate in addition to one. Until she meets Tag (Darren Barnet from Never Have I Ever) on a dating application. Feeling unconstrained, Natalia flies to Lake Placid for Christmas to surprise Tag, where she discovers that she’s been duped by the dorky (yet perhaps quite sweet?) Josh.

#6 Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas

The Scrooges over at NBC (no irreverence) dropped the melodic series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist with its finale account hanging off a bluff, however fortunately, the heavenly messengers over at The Roku Channel are reviving the series in occasion film structure, complete with its whole splendid cast: Jane Levy, Alex Newell, Skylar Astin, John Clarence Stewart, and so on. Set on her first occasion—spoiler alert!— without her dad, the film gets back on track and guarantees an occasion as mysterious as though Mitch had never left.

#7 Grumpy Christmas

Surly Christmas is a continuation of the Mexican family satire Un Padre No Tan Padre, in which thorny Don Servando should adapt to his radical child. This time, the family heads to the ocean side to enjoy the occasion with determined Aunt Alicia, who becomes foe number one for Servando.

Accessible to stream on December 22

#8 A Castle for Christmas

As incredible creator Sophie Brown, Brooke Shields scrams to Scotland for a vacation film that costars Cary Elwes (Stranger Things) and Andi Osho (I May Destroy You). Including all the merry accessory you need in a film named A Castle for Christmas—blanketed horseback rides, red plaid kilts, gleaming Christmas trees—this Netflix offering, which follows Sophie on her mission to possess the palace and sack a duke—conveys big time on the warm and fluffy sentiments.

#9 A Naija Christmas

Netflix presents Nollywood to the American masses with this occasion offering: a humorous satire around three children who run out to observe spouses before the Christmas occasion, along these lines fulfilling what may be their mom’s last desire. Set in Lagos and coordinated by Kunle Afolayan, the film stars Nigerian film heavyweights Mercy Johnson, Efa Iwara, Kunle Remi, and Abayomi Alvin, just as the late Rachael Oniga who plays the nominal female authority.

9 food documentaries that will surely shock you

For each of us, the words “healthy eating” mean something different. Another is vegetarian or pescetarian, another vegan, another gluten free and paleo, while another avoids carbohydrates. Whatever diet you follow or consider more beneficial to the human body, it is good to listen to all the theories and take into account all the research in order to finally form your own opinion. The best way to do this is to watch some (or all) of the following documentaries.

#1 What’s With Wheat?
The consumption of carbohydrates and mainly cereals has been a highly controversial issue for years. Here, scientists, farmers and nutritionists discuss and analyze the pros and cons of the gluten-free diet, which has become fashionable in recent years, while not fail to mention the real reasons why one may be intolerant to this particular food.

#2 May I be Frank
The trailer of this movie would make even the most heartless cry. He follows an overweight 54-year-old man on his journey to a life that will not depend on pills and fatty foods and in which one can see beyond his extra pounds and fall in love with him. The film evokes such strong emotions that the singer Jason Mraz described it as “a triumph, where the hero defeats the evil that hides inside him and finally conquers the girl”.

#3 Forks over knives
Probably the most popular nutrition documentary of recent years, which analyzes the reasons why many doctors and nutritionists believe that our poor diet is responsible for many diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. It is certain that if you watch it or you decide to follow a vegetarian diet directly or at least you will do it for a long time until you eat meat again.

#4 Food, Inc
This documentary addresses the well-hidden secrets of the food industry and whether it has the power to influence our food choices and our state of health. It’s really shocking!

#5 Vegucated
If you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian or vegan, this movie may be the final step before you are completely convinced. Here are three New York meat eaters who decide for health reasons to follow a strictly vegetarian diet and who then take a closer look at the conditions in which animals grow up, such as chickens, cows and pigs, until they are killed to be found in the our dish. Spoiler alert most have never eaten meat before!

#6 That sugar film
Damon Gameau from Australia, who does not consume processed sugar, decides to change his diet and include in it 40 teaspoons of sugar, ie the average amount for a citizen of his country. It does this without consuming sweet, but “healthy” foods that contain “hidden” sugar, such as light products and juices. The result of his experiment is sure to surprise you.

#7 Fed up
And this film deals with sugar and its role in the rising rates of global obesity, while also revealing the ways in which the food industry is trying to make us sick. “This movie will change the way people think about food,” says a review by USA Today.

#8 What the health
This is one of the most recent documentaries of its kind, which is even produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. It deals with the ways in which the meat industry affects our environment and our health, while also revealing how many health services and organizations hide the truth from citizens, as they work with food companies and snack chains, from which they receive sponsorships. It is a film that will definitely make you question what you know and think a little more about who you trust and what choices you make.

#9 Cowspiracy
This documentary, directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, explores the impact of animal husbandry on the environment and examines environmental organizations’ policies on the subject. This is a film that deals more with the environmental reasons why it would be good to follow a vegetarian diet and not with the morals or the effects of eating meat on our health.

Let’s go with a new short film, in this case “The Black Hole” by Philip Sansom and Olly Williams, an amazing story published in 2008 and although the name may suggest something else, they are portals. One night, a sleep-deprived office worker copies a “black hole.” Suddenly, the possibilities seem endless and he is finally trapped in his greed.

For fans of short films, check out the Future Shorts channel, which has been publishing short films from around the world (over 40 countries) to an audience of over half a million people since 2004.

Watch it!!

We live the reality of pandemic covid 19 and maybe a new movie will come after two or three years later about the Covid19. But now you must to watch this 4 movies about the pandemics, even from 1995 !! Yes, you have read well since this movies the time of the 90′, like as if the screenwriters knew what would happen in the future about Covid19!

Pandemic movies:

#1 Contagion (2011)

#2 Virus (2019)

#3 Outbreak (1995)

#4 12 Monkeys (1995)


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