Don’t give up in the difficult times

We all definitely felt that we could not do it anymore. We can not go on or we can not stand some things. We feel that we are drowned in ourselves. We feel that we can not escape what torments us. We can not in general.
But not everything is rosy in our lives. So what do we want a rainbow without rain? It is useless. What if everything was easy in our lives, what would we understand? We would understand absolutely nothing. The easy and the difficult are two paths that each of us walks.

Everything may seem difficult to us now. We may take a moment of despair over financial crisis or human relations problems. There must always be something going on around us for us to put it down. Do not go ahead and stay in the same feelings and in the same ways. To stay only in the bad.

The truth is that no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how difficult roads we encounter, no matter how many blows or knives we receive, one thing we have to think about, even if it is difficult. Life did not come ready in a package. Life takes effort and strength. Life has its difficulties but also its easy ones. Life is not to put it down but to live it every minute and second. To move forward and continue standing with the forehead clean.

After all, in difficult times we seem to be who we really are. In difficult times we will see how much we endure.

Author: info-scanner

Our mistakes are our lessons

We all have the right to make thousands of mistakes in our lives. To make mistakes over and over again. We all make mistakes anyway, but the important thing is to try to learn from our mistakes. Don’t leave them there as if they were never mistakes. Don’t neglect your mistakes, because if we do this then we lose it and make the same mistakes over and over again.

On some occasions we condemn one of our own people who made a mistake in his life. That’s it’s wrong! He may have made a mistake, it does not mean that we condemn him, reduce him or stop talking to him. Everyone has their own responsibilities. Some may be large and some may be small. You can not judge and condemn someone who made a mistake. No one is better than no one. We all make mistakes without exception. But the point is, we have to see and face our mistakes. We can correct them and only we will change ourselves and no one else because very simply we guide ourselves. If someone, friend or your own people make some mistakes in you that they didn’t understand or they didn’t saw their mistakes, it’s okay. Some day will understand their mistakes and propably they show you that correctly, but if they does not understand then you must to keep going after all but with always next to your side the forgiveness.

We need to understand from our mistakes and gain experience from them. We need to help ourselves. But don’t be afraid because you made mistakes, because the mistakes you made are opportunities for learning. After all, every mistake we make helps us to know ourselves better. Our mistakes mature and evolve us.

It does not mean that we made mistakes and failed in our lives, we must give up so easily. On the contrary, mistakes teach us to persevere, not to put them down with every difficulty, but to try day by day so that success shines on our path. But we must not constantly look in the same mirror, constantly looking at our past with our mistakes and weaknesses because with that we are hindering ourselves. We prevent the forgiveness of ourselves but also the forgiveness of our neighbors, which makes us live there, to live in the same mirror again and again.

As Eliot he said , “Think about your mistakes to take lessons so you don’t have to do them again. But do not stick to them, because they will take you down. “

Author(s): info-scanner