Millions of adults around the world suffer from hypertension, which can be treated with both proper medication and lifestyle changes.

In addition to changes in diet and exercise levels, some herbs have been shown to help manage blood pressure.

Some of this is :

#1 Basil: Studies in experimental animals (mice) have shown that basil extract can lower blood pressure in the short term. Its effect is due to eugenol, a chemical that blocks the action of substances that cause blood vessels to constrict and consequently increase blood pressure.

#2 Cinnamon: It is famous for its anti-diabetic properties, however it also has antihypertensive action. Its extract can help both in the treatment of a sudden hypertensive crisis and in the management of chronic hypertension.

#3 Cardamom: In a small study in 20 hypertensive people, 1.5 grams of cardamom twice a day for a total of 12 weeks helped lower blood pressure levels.

#4 Flaxseed: It is rich in beneficial omega-3 fats and has been proven through scientific studies to help treat hypertension. One of them, in the review The Journal of Nutrition, indicated that the desired result is obtained by consuming 30-50 grams of whole or grated flaxseed a day for at least 12 weeks.

#5 Garlic: It is probably the best known natural solution for treating hypertension. This effect is due to its ability to increase levels of nitric oxide, which promotes relaxation and dilation of blood vessels. Thus, the blood circulates freely and the blood pressure drops to normal levels.

#6 Ginger: Studies in experimental animals have shown that ginger improves blood circulation and helps to relax the muscles surrounding the blood vessels.

#7 Hawthorn: Used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a natural remedy for hypertension. Scientific studies that have examined its effect have concluded that its extract has multiple benefits for the cardiovascular system, such as lowering blood pressure, preventing atherosclerosis and lowering cholesterol.

#8 Celery: Both the seeds and the celery itself have antihypertensive action. Its beneficial effect on blood pressure is attributed to the variety of substances it provides.

#9 Wild lavender: Its extract helps treat heart palpitations and hypertension. Although not commonly eaten, its leaves can be used in sweet and savory recipes such as rosemary.

and last one

#10 Ugaria or herbaceous: The herb is used in Chinese medicine to treat hypertension and various neurological disorders.

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