Millions of adults around the world suffer from hypertension, which can be treated with both proper medication and lifestyle changes.

In addition to changes in diet and exercise levels, some herbs have been shown to help manage blood pressure.

Some of this is :

#1 Basil: Studies in experimental animals (mice) have shown that basil extract can lower blood pressure in the short term. Its effect is due to eugenol, a chemical that blocks the action of substances that cause blood vessels to constrict and consequently increase blood pressure.

#2 Cinnamon: It is famous for its anti-diabetic properties, however it also has antihypertensive action. Its extract can help both in the treatment of a sudden hypertensive crisis and in the management of chronic hypertension.

#3 Cardamom: In a small study in 20 hypertensive people, 1.5 grams of cardamom twice a day for a total of 12 weeks helped lower blood pressure levels.

#4 Flaxseed: It is rich in beneficial omega-3 fats and has been proven through scientific studies to help treat hypertension. One of them, in the review The Journal of Nutrition, indicated that the desired result is obtained by consuming 30-50 grams of whole or grated flaxseed a day for at least 12 weeks.

#5 Garlic: It is probably the best known natural solution for treating hypertension. This effect is due to its ability to increase levels of nitric oxide, which promotes relaxation and dilation of blood vessels. Thus, the blood circulates freely and the blood pressure drops to normal levels.

#6 Ginger: Studies in experimental animals have shown that ginger improves blood circulation and helps to relax the muscles surrounding the blood vessels.

#7 Hawthorn: Used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a natural remedy for hypertension. Scientific studies that have examined its effect have concluded that its extract has multiple benefits for the cardiovascular system, such as lowering blood pressure, preventing atherosclerosis and lowering cholesterol.

#8 Celery: Both the seeds and the celery itself have antihypertensive action. Its beneficial effect on blood pressure is attributed to the variety of substances it provides.

#9 Wild lavender: Its extract helps treat heart palpitations and hypertension. Although not commonly eaten, its leaves can be used in sweet and savory recipes such as rosemary.

and last one

#10 Ugaria or herbaceous: The herb is used in Chinese medicine to treat hypertension and various neurological disorders.

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This fruit may not be as popular but it has many nutritional values ​​that are unknown to most people.
A healthy fruit that you should consume in your daily life !!

Kiwi (or kiwi) is a plant genus. It belongs to the family of actinides and comes from Asia.
Kiwi is a shrub with red or white flowers. The leaves are oval in shape and have fluff at the bottom. The fruit is rail and is edible, with a sweet and sour taste. The outside is brown and the inside is juicy, with green and small seeds, black.
China has been considered the predominant homeland of kiwi since ancient times. The best known species cultivated in Greece is called Actinidia chinensis. The plant was native to China and traveled after the 19th century to Britain and in 1906 to New Zealand. However, the name Kiwi comes from the bird of the same name, which is a national symbol of New Zealand, where it lives exclusively. Kiwi got its name from the horticulturist Hayward Wright (1873-1959), who experimented with plants and managed to create the variety that is known today. In its current form, kiwi has been cultivated since 1950, specifically the delicious actinidia (Actinidia deliciosa).

Kiwi fruit is rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber and trace elements. It also has more vitamin C than any other fruit. The presence of many vitamins makes kiwi the best means of defense against germs. It also removes the risk of thrombosis in the circulatory system and ensures proper digestion and proper bowel function.

Kiwi is rich in serotonin and flavonoids which give us a restful sleep. Research has shown that when we eat kiwi before bed we improve the quality and duration of our sleep. Αlso Kiwi is the ideal fruit for pregnancy. It is rich in folic acid which contributes to the normal functioning of DNA and helps prevent damage to the neural tube of the fetus. Damage related to the development of the brain and spine. The vitamins C, E and K contained in kiwi along with flavonoids contribute to the healthy development of the fetus and the good health of the mother.

Finally, it helps to improve eyesight, due to the antioxidant lutein it contains.

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The cocktails:


Martini is one of the oldest classic clamshells. It is a mixture of jeans and vermouth. Mencken Martini he said was “the only American invention that is as perfect as a sonnet,” and EB White called “the elixir of tranquility.”


Manhattan is another cocktail that you will find in all the lists. David Wondrich, historian and
expert on cocktails, said the cocktail came from the Manhattan Club in New York in the early 1870s, where he invented by Dr. Iain Marshall for a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome. This is one of the favorite cocktails of everyone because of the simplicity, power and urban image it carries. Pink and attractive looks are another reason why ladies often choose Manhattan.


Mint Julep is also very popular among classic cocktails. It has been in existence for more than a century and is connected to the south of the USA, especially Kentucky Derby. Its main ingredient is whiskey – bourbon and fresh peppermint.
Mint Julep ingredients: Bourbon whiskey, fresh mint leaves, powdered sugar and water. Served traditionally in tall silver glasses and decorated with mint leaves.


 This is definitely not a classic cocktail but it is very popular. The basic ingredient is vodka. This is the most sophisticated cocktail in the world. Vodka is mixed with tomato juice and many different spices and flavors. Higher Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce, celery, various kinds of peppers, lemon juice and salt. It is an ideal cure for the hangover!


Cosmopolitan dates back to 1927 and was the favorite drink of Madonna’s legendary singer, but its popularity has grown particularly with the popularity of the Sex and the City TV series, where Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink and her friends are made. So, today Cosmopolitan takes the image of a modern, urban and female cocktail.
Beautiful rose and served in glass martini Cosmo gives the woman she needs: endurance, femininity and classical classical quality.

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Some say that McDonald’s come from huge “animals”, without legs and horns, which feed through connected tubes in their stomachs and that in fact have no bones, but small cartilage that never grows, while others say that McDonald’s contain Sulfate ammonium, Silicone Oil, Propylene Glycol and many more. But we found and present this video for you to watch what they contain and how they do the whole process.

But what do you think and believe about McDonald’s? Are you a fan of McDonald’s? Watch video below!

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