May 28, 2023
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This girl collects juice boxes and builds houses for the kittens on the street

It is no exaggeration to say that the 21st century has been the century of pollution and abuse of natural resources. Humanity has never consumed – and discarded – so much!

At an astonishingly increasing rate, millions of tons of waste (mostly plastics) are dumped into the oceans every year, while millions of tons are dumped in landfills and open dumps.

Aware of the problem of poor waste disposal in the city where she lives, Constanza Osorio Zaldivia had the idea to recycle the juice boxes thrown in the trash by her neighbors to turn them into homes for street dogs and cats, who have no place to curl up.

Constanza Osorio is a young woman and she studies risk prevention and environmental engineering, so she knows very well all the pollution that is created on our planet from the garbage we produce, so she wants to do something to turn the garbage into something good and usable . He managed to build houses for needy animals with recyclable materials from the garbage.

Apart from using the garbage into something positive, Constanza’s motivation was to help a few animals who have no home and are forced to suffer through the terrible winter, because she believes that creating houses with warm, waterproof materials will it was a great benefit and joy to them.

Before building the tiny houses, Constanza collects, separates, washes and crushes each object to avoid fungi and make them easier to handle.

After the boxes reach her hands, she begins a process of washing, drying and separating (to avoid fungus). Straws are removed and taken to a clean area, as are boxes that are too crushed.

Among the materials the woman uses are straws, cardboard, juice and/or milk cartons, and lots and lots of duct tape.

Constanza confirms that after posting her first house on Facebook, many people reacted positively, so much so that many people wanted to copy her idea to do it in their countries. He also received anonymous donations to buy some hardware, special films, what he uses most and what he can recycle least.

The woman tried the first house with her kitten and it was a success because he loved it and didn’t want to leave it, this made Constanza very happy because it means he was doing well, but also a little sad because he couldn’t give it to her left, he had pledged to donate it to a shelter that doesn’t have enough homes or to dogs and cats living on the street.

The young student also confirms that the main and most active helpers were the children she knows, because when she told them her idea, they were all excited and in their schools they started collecting the boxes and light bulbs they found in the trash.

The children also spread the word about what he did so that their classmates would not throw away the boxes they used, but give them to them and they would take them to Constanza.

Constanza on Facebook says that she is left with about 200 boxes per house, but that is not a problem, because with the help of children and other acquaintances who help her collect them, she has a lot, however, she is grateful. If you want to help her with a contribution so that she can continue building homes for abandoned animals, you can contact her on Facebook Constanza Osorio Zaldivia , you can also write her if you want to welcome her initiative and if you need advice on to start your own project.

The great work done by this young woman gives a lesson in the life of the little ones.

They learn that what they think is “trash” can change the life of a small animal. Let’s follow her example.


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