March 29, 2023
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Dogs and the Paranormal – Do Dogs See Things We Don’t?

Dogs and the Paranormal – Do Dogs See Things We Don’t?

Surely most of us know, believe or have seen people who believe in the existence of the paranormal. But have you ever wondered if your dog can sense spirits? It is known that our faithful friends have extraordinary senses that are stronger than those of humans. Many times it is even considered comforting for some to believe that their dog perceives the presence of a person close to them who has passed away.

However, as much as we want to believe this, science has a different opinion. The scientists’ answer to whether the dog can sense the paranormal is that we simply don’t know. There may indeed be no scientific evidence that dogs can see ghosts. However, their behavior alone in many cases creates questions that need to be answered and discussed. The dog can sense things that a human cannot and this is a matter that should not be overlooked.

Much of dog behavior can be a mystery to an owner. Still, there are countless examples that leave us wondering if the improbable is actually possible. Distinguished dog behaviorists say that if the owner believes in the paranormal, then their dogs may also exhibit behaviors that indicate that something paranormal is nearby. This can be noticed in cases where the dog stops and stands at a certain point in the house. Many times the owner knows or discovers later that someone had died at that point.

If a dog is standing in a corner barking at something that cannot be seen, does it mean that it senses something that is beyond normal? Perhaps he lives near an object associated with a deceased family member. This can be either his favorite chair or the side of the bed. So the dog acts as if that person is still there. Many dog owners, seeing the dog barking at something that cannot be seen, think that the dog may be seeing a ghost or perceiving something paranormal. The truth is that scientists do not completely rule out clairvoyance. However, they base their research mainly on the dog’s five basic senses.

A dog’s hearing level, as is well known, surpasses that of a human. Our best friends have the ability to hear higher pitched voices from a very long distance. Their auditory perception is one area in which they perceive the world around them in a very different way than humans. These differences may be related to their ability to detect things that we cannot such as different and undetectable phenomena.

Also worth mentioning is that dogs’ field of vision is much better than ours. They can see objects at a great distance and their ability to see at twilight, dusk and dawn is far superior to ours. It may be completely accurate that the dog perceives things that we may not be able to see. However, what they perceive may not be Casper the Phantom.

In addition to the five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing), dogs also have a sixth sense – a premonition we get when something is wrong. The difference though is that dogs are more open to trusting what they feel and acting accordingly. In contrast, most people’s minds analyze what is happening and deny the possibility of ghosts or spirits.

It is common for a dog to run and sit at the door waiting for its owner to return. This behavior may be a habit acquired through repetition. However, it has been observed that if the owner returns much earlier than usual, the dog sits at the door for several minutes after his arrival. This inexplicable behavior may appear to be a sixth sense.

Also, our faithful four-legged companions have the ability to detect impending disasters thanks to their strong sense of smell. The truth is that barometric pressure and all natural phenomena have odors associated with each other. Our sense of smell does not have the ability to recognize this, but dogs can sense these changes immediately.

Dogs are truly extraordinary creatures. However, there is still uncertainty surrounding the abilities of man’s best friend. Their senses are highly attuned and it is obvious that they perceive the world in a very different way than we do. Whether their senses are able to respond whether unknown forms, energies or something paranormal are perceived, it is something that continues to remain a mystery.