March 29, 2023
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A researcher had predicted the earthquake in Turkey

The tweets of a researcher who predicted the deadly earthquake in Turkey have made the rounds of the internet. The reason for Frank Hoogerbeets, who three days before the devastating earthquake had written on Twitter about him.

More specifically, the researcher from the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) team wrote on Friday:

Sooner or later there will be a ~M 7.5 #earthquake in this region (South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon).

— Frank Hoogerbeets (@hogrbe) February 3, 2023

Turkey earthquake comes at a critical time for the country's future929 × 523

After the earthquake, he tweeted:
“As I stated earlier, sooner or later this would happen in this region, similar to the years 115 and 526. These earthquakes are always preceded by critical planetary geometry, as we had on 4-5 Feb. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the major earthquake in Central Turkey.

— Frank Hoogerbeets (@hogrbe) February 6, 2023

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