June 6, 2023
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Inhumane and monstrous human experiments

From ‘Monstrous Study’ to ‘Aversion Cures’ and ‘Poison Lab’…

When man abuses his fellow human beings without remorse or second thoughts. Of course, human experimentation and clinical ethics have evolved over the years.

Because the times are not long ago when prisoners, slaves and marginalized people were used as experimental subjects.

Nor are we so far removed from the years when enlightened doctors tried their experiments on themselves, unwilling to risk the lives of others. We have talked about self-experimentation before, with scientists who voluntarily became their own experimental animals.

With that in mind, let’s look at 9 infamous cases of human experimentation, in the hope that we have been taught as humanity the immorality of the practice and the methodologically compromised scientific knowledge gained from such unethical practices…

Call them unethical, immoral and forbidden, call them gruesome, hideous and austere, and you’d be right.

Because it is indeed just that: when man turns into an animal for “scientific” purposes and “research” needs.

The Stanford Experiment

The famous “Stanford Prison Experiment” was a psychological test designed to study human reactions to incarceration and the behavioral changes of both food and prison guards.

The experiment was carried out in 1971 by a team of researchers, led by the eminent psychologist Philip Zimbardo, in the basement of Stanford University’s psychology department, which had been appropriately converted into a prison.

Undergraduate students were voluntarily used as experimental subjects in both conditions (guards/prisoners): both inmates and prison guards adopted their new roles almost immediately, exceeding the reactions predicted by the psychological test, ending up in dangerous and extreme situations.

1/3 of the “guards” showed “genuine” (as commented on in the experiment) sadistic tendencies, with most of the “prisoners” being psychologically injured (and physically abused), prompting Zimbardo to gradually abandon the experiment…

The Monstrous Study

They called it the “Monster Study” and not without reason: it was an experimental test that would test a new theory about childhood stuttering. The experiment was performed on 22 orphaned children of Davenport, Iowa and was conducted in 1939 by Wendell Johnson of the University of Iowa.

After dividing the children into experimental groups under controlled conditions, Johnson administered positive speech therapy to half the children, praising their fluency, and negative therapy to the others, harshly berating them for any verbal mistakes they might make, calling them “ kekes”. What did he find?

That many of the children who did not initially suffer from speech disorders and had accepted the negative experimental manipulation acquired negative psychological characteristics, while some of them showed speech disorders that in some cases were maintained throughout their lives.

The nickname “Monster Study” was given to the research by Johnson’s colleagues who were appalled by the fact that he experimented with orphaned children to prove his theory! The experiment even remained secret for many years, so as not to tarnish the reputation of the scientist, with the University of Iowa publicly apologizing for the test in 2001…

Plan 4.1

Code-named “Project 4.1” a medical test was planned by the US Authorities for those Marshall Islanders who had been exposed to large doses of radiation from the March 1, 1954 Castle Bravo nuclear test at Bikini Atoll. In the first decade of the test, the results of the nuclear explosion were unclear and ambiguous, with no statistical possibility to relate the radiation exposure to health problems: despite the increased number of miscarriages and malformed births, no statistical significance emerged.

In the decades that followed, however, the effects of the nuclear explosion were undeniable: by 1974, 1/3 of children had developed neoplastic diseases, with government agencies limited to declaring that they were already aware of the tragic effects of nuclear energy on the health of the population which has been exposed to its destructive action.

As for the experiment itself, which led to a greater understanding of the health complications of the victims of nuclear holocaust, it was felt by the participants that they had been treated as guinea pigs and guinea pigs in a nuclear experiment…


“Project MKULTRA” or “MK-ULTRA” was the code name for the CIA’s secret human mind control research program that began in the early 1950s and continued until at least the late 1960s. The attempt to manipulate the mental state of the subjects and the expected change in their brain function was carried out through the cumulative administration of narcotics and hallucinogenic substances, but also other “methodologies”.

Famous is the administration of LSD to CIA employees, military personnel, government agents, prostitutes, mental patients and members of the general population to study the reactions of these “categories” to the hallucinogenic effect of the substance. Of course, no one knew that he was being drugged, with the recruitment of experimental subjects itself also being illegal.

The CIA even went so far as to operate a series of brothels to recruit men who would be too embarrassed to go public: they unknowingly administered LSD and other substances and recorded their reactions by videotaping the sexual encounters. In 1973, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the MKULTRA files destroyed, leaving the gruesome details of the experiment in the dark…

The Aversion Cures

Apartheid South African forces forced white gay soldiers of both sexes to undergo “sexual reassignment” in the 1970s and 1980s. What did the experimental test involve? Chemical castration, electric shock and many more unethical and immoral techniques, with the number of people subjected to the hideous method reaching 900, from 1971-1989.

The country’s military hospitals were turned into hell, with the secret program trying to eliminate homosexuality from military service. Suspected homosexual tendencies were forcibly dragged into military psychiatric hospitals, with those who could not be “cured” by drugs(!) subjected to aversion treatments: hormone treatments, severe electric shocks, and other radical “psychiatric” methods, which included chemical castration of the subject or even gender reassignment surgeries.

The head of horrible methods of disgust Dr. Aubrey Levin, currently lives in Australia and is a respected part of the global psychiatric community…

The North Korean Experiments

Cases of human experimentation carried out at North Korean facilities are numerous, with scholars comparing them to the horrific Nazi experiments of World War II. The flagrant violation of the rights of prisoners in the country is commonplace for North Korea, with the inhumane treatment of food and the illegal transformation of them into experimental subjects.

Fifty healthy female prisoners were forced to consume poisoned cabbage leaves, despite the horrified screams of those who had already tasted them: 20 minutes later, all of them were dead, with blood gushing from every cavity of their bodies. In fact, the refusal of a prisoner to “participate” in the test that has been chosen means automatically the condemnation of him, and also of his family.

There are reports – mainly from survivors – of illegal laboratories equipped with gas chambers, where subjects are subjected to biological warfare experiments. Often, the experimental manipulation involves entire families, which are subjected to neuro-biological warfare techniques, with the “scientists” watching their gruesome deaths, recording the reactions as well as the effectiveness of the manipulation. It still happens…

The “Poison Lab”of the Soviet Union

The Soviet intelligence “Poison Laboratory”, also known as Laboratory 1, Laboratory 2 or “Chamber”, was a series of secret facilities for the research and development of poisons and new methods of extermination.

Here the Soviets tested a wide variety of poisons and gases on prisoners, usually dissidents, with the aim of producing a tasteless and odorless chemical that would remain undetectable after death. The poisons were even presented as “cures”, with the diners having no choice but to try them.

Finally, the coveted poison with the desired properties was produced, the famous C-2, so it had to be tested again on prisoners: Soviet “scientific” reports even speak of a physical change in the subject, with the victim becoming shorter in size, fade immediately, remain calm and speechless until death finds it within 15 minutes.

In fact, the head of the program, biochemist Grigory Mairanovsky, tested the new poison on a wide variety of people of different ages and categories, in order to have a more complete picture of its action. Apart from the gruesome experiments, a number of people were personally executed by Mairanovsky with other poisons…

Unit 731

The infamous “Unit 731” was a secret biological and chemical warfare research program of the Imperial Japanese Army that involved lethal human testing. The program was launched during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) and continued throughout World War II and was responsible for the worst war crimes ever committed by Japanese forces.

Atrocities committed by Commander Shiro Ishii and those responsible for the experimental test at Unit 731 included: dissection of living people (even pregnant women, who even carried the children of the “doctors” themselves, through rape), mutilation of human limbs and reattaching them to other parts of the body, freezing and thawing human bodies, but also using prisoners as living witnesses to the action of grenades and flamethrowers.

The manipulations even involved the intentional contamination of prisoners of war with biological agents (disguised as vaccines) to study the consequences on the human body. The final list of horrors is truly beyond human imagination and it is not appropriate to detail them.

What is perhaps worth mentioning is that the commander of the inferno, Shiro Ishii, was pardoned by the American occupation forces of Japan at the end of the war and did not spend a single minute in prison for his crimes, until his death at the age of 67…

The Nazi Experiments

The infamous Nazi human experiments were primarily medical experiments conducted on vast numbers of victims in the concentration camps of the Hitler regime during World War II.

At Auschwitz, under the command of Dr. Eduard Wirths, selected inmates were subjected to numerous experiments in order to gain knowledge that would help Nazi military personnel better respond to combat conditions or, conversely, prove the racist ideology of the Third Reich.

It was then that the infamous experiments on twin brothers were initiated, to show the similarities and differences in the genetics and eugenics of children. However, the leading figure of the Nazi experimental atrocities was Dr. Josef Mengele, who tested his theories on more than 1,500 pairs of twins, with only 200 of the 3,000 children surviving his “research”.

It wasn’t just Mengele though: in 1942, the Luftwaffe conducted a series of hypothermia experiments, subjecting subjects to extreme cold and freezing water for hours, with fatal consequences for their health. Also, from July 1942 to September 1943, the Nazis thoroughly researched the effectiveness of sulfonamide, a synthetic germicidal agent.

So they wounded their victims and then infected them with bacteria, such as strep and tetanus, as well as pieces of glasses, while administering sulfonamide and other substances to determine their effectiveness as therapeutic agents.

How can the human mind accommodate the unspeakable horror and barbaric brutality of the Nazi practice of human experimentation, with the numbers of victims leaving no room for doubt as to the massiveness and generalization of the practice…

What other human experiments were actually done without their knowledge? Maybe the covid19 was also a human experiment and the world followed the other later experiments? You can’t describe in words all these experiments that people experienced. Inhumane and monstrous experiments…

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