February 1, 2023
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The vegetarian diet of our ancestors

How far is the diet of our ancestors from ours? I have heard many opinions, the most common one is that “They used to eat as much as they wanted, all meat and didn’t get sick, they were healthy, now the food has gone bad and we all get sick” but is this a correct opinion?

Fiber consumption in the Paleolithic era and today

As strange as the diet of our ancestors may seem, if we travel back to the Paleolithic era, it was a diet rich in plant fiber! We are talking about a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts, products of nature with the obvious absence of meat. The huge difference between the Paleolithic and modern diet can be understood if we consider that in the Paleolithic era the amount of vegetable fiber reached 104 grams of vegetable fiber, while the modern American diet has only 12 grams of vegetable fiber.

What are the benefits of this diet?

The benefits of a vegetarian diet can be seen from the diet they follow in Rural Africa, which is very similar to the old diet as it consists of 60-120 grams of fiber. By studying their diet, we see that it provides nutrition, protects against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, while it is a diet that can drop cholesterol by several units in a very short period of time. In particular, it can reduce cholesterol in half the time, double units!

And since weight is something most people care about, a high-fiber diet can reduce weight by 2-3 pounds more than a low-fat diet!

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