June 4, 2023
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Another year comes to an end and you come to face it

A confrontation that is not always easy. It is not always easy to look your life in the face and try to piece together the puzzle of the moments you have lived.

You see, the moments you count are many. And so many people who took part in them. Either as protagonists or as extras. The people who are now of constant value to you. Your loved ones. The people of your heart. Those whose absence became for you a painful loss. The others who claimed to be part of your moments, who came and stayed. Those who couldn’t find a place next to you couldn’t find a way to win you over.

And you try to stand up to these people and appreciate what you got and what you gave. The emotions you felt, good and bad. The words spoken, tender and hard. The others that became actions and those that were left floating breathless without response. You have to stand up to them inside. Difficult too. Because you will look down on others because you treated them well and honestly and you will look down on others because you manipulated them, because you betrayed them, because you abandoned them in the dark.

Your moments are beautiful and unpleasant. Demanding and relaxed. Strong and insignificant. There are moments of joy and moments of sadness. You are almost sure of those that have been engraved in you. For those who carved this past time with your smile and tear. You may not be the same person anymore, because some moments have the power to change you. To change the way you see things, the way you command your mind and heart. To calm you down or wake up the wild one in you.

This is how the passing time will bid us farewell. With memories and reflections, leaving in its meteoric place a new hope. You see, no matter how different people’s lives are, no matter how different the way we deal with life, people, and our elements, at the end of time there always comes a moment when we look in the same direction: we look forward to we exorcise the old time, we rush to leave it behind in anger, in bitterness or in complaint, and count down to the new one that is coming.

In him we base our dream, expectation and hope for a better tomorrow. Whatever this “tomorrow” means for each of us!

Georgia Andriotou: https://www.ewoman.gr/745/o-hronos-poy-feygei-afinei-piso-toy-mia-kainoyria-elpida

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