June 6, 2023
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What exactly is the Eye of Horus: Secrets of an ancient and powerful symbol

The Eye of Horus is one of the most famous symbols of ancient Egypt. This magical symbol is believed to provide protection, health and rejuvenation. However, it is believed that there are also many hidden aspects.

However, what stands out most and above all others is that the Eye of Horus was widely used as a talisman by the ancient Egyptians, both to the living and from the living to their dead, due to its powerful protective powers. So it is no coincidence that it is still used as a symbol of protection, even today.

You can easily find it in neck jewelry, mainly, bracelets, etc., for use as a talisman, while it is also often found as a symbol of many eye clinics. However, few know its true values, according to ancient Egyptian beliefs.

The Eye of Horus comes from the story of Horus, son of the god Osiris who was murdered by Seth, his brother. Horus, to avenge the death of his father Osiris and gain the throne, faced Seth losing his left eye. Then, Thoth replaced it with a new eye, but it was a special eye, endowed with magical properties. The Eye of Horus is actually a particularly complex symbol.

There are two types of eyes, the right one representing the Sun (Ra and Osiris) is white in color while the left one representing the Moon (Isis) is black in color. But it is the right eye that enjoyed the greatest popularity in Ancient Egypt, which is considered the most powerful talisman to this day, as it was in those years.

Although the ancient Egyptian civilization came to an end, the belief in the power of the eye of Horus survived and became timeless. It is said that some of its main features are that it protects the dead in the other world, neutralizes the effects of the “evil eye”, eye sight, aids vision and protects against eye diseases.

In some Mediterranean coastal countries, fishermen often paint this symbol on their boats for protection. Others wear it, usually as jewelry, to protect them from the ill will of others.

On the other hand, the Eye of Horus is also popular with occultists and conspiracy theorists, who see the Eye not only as a protective symbol, but also as a symbol of power, magic and knowledge.

Some other people they don’t believe that Eye of Horus because they base their faith on other things, such as God or other religions.

It is very regularly claimed that the Eye of Horus is the Epiphysis because of the striking resemblance between the ancient symbol and the Epiphysis, so the possible powers of higher enlightenment it holds in the Mind’s Eye, also known as the Third Eye, are very easily implied. Also, the Eye of Horus Resembles the First Black Hole Ever Recorded resulting in various theories relating to space and space-time travel. Finally, completely informative to say that there is an underground Temple of Horus in Thessaloniki.

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