May 28, 2023
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Signs that our Guardian Angel is next to us and watching over us

Angels in general, but also the Guardian Angels in particular, exist in the traditions of many ancient peoples from long ago, before monotheistic religions even appeared.

Imprisoned angels exist on a higher spiritual plane than us and have difficulty manifesting physically in our world. Instead they use signs and signals to communicate with us so we know they are on our side.

Here are 7 signs that your guardian angel is nearby:

1) The temperature changes

Sometimes the person experiencing it will feel a sudden chill go through him but usually he feels a sudden warmth as if his guardian angel is hugging him. A feeling of well-being and comfort permeates him and the people around him. A healing energy is sometimes present and often the animals become excited as when an old friend enters the room.

2) The sudden appearance of a white feather

It is a well-known sign of the angel, apparently because of its wings. It’s subtle enough that anyone unfamiliar with their guardian angel won’t find it noticeable but if you know your guardian angel then you can interpret it as a message of hope in a chaotic world. The delicacy of the feather is the reflection of its message, a message of love and support. It’s a joy to find such feathers and now you know why.

3) A sweet fragrance

The sweet delicate scent of angels is indescribable but beautiful. The smell might make you think of a loved one who has passed away, or you associate it with food or sweets. Either way the deep love evoked by smell is the true reason for communication.

4) Different colored lights or circles

Seeing angels as humans is not common but seeing their light is common. Often there is a blinding white light for example and nothing else or a vague impression of colored lights, opaque shifting as if they were clouds. Often colored orbs are seen moving away randomly, often with different colors and often with a bright light. It is a sign that an angel is with you.

5) Angelic voices or psalms

Angels do not have lungs and therefore do not need breaths to sing, nor do they stop and their voice is like a continuous vibration that feeds your mind. A voice might come directly to you, for example, in a situation of need, give you a short phrase to reassure you or guide you on a course of action, and then leave.

6) Interesting dreams

Prison angels can appear in your dreams but usually not as specific entities but in the general spirit of the dream, guiding the dreamer in analyzes and insights that may later emerge as intuition. Vivid, memorable dreams with an uplifting tone are dreams influenced by your guardian angel and a sign that he is near you.

7) You feel a presence

In a sense, it is the most nebulous way to detect the presence of your guardian angel but since it contains the psychic mind it is the most impressive communication of all. They often push you in a certain direction, a book or a movie, or a teacher. These moments can change your life.


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