June 5, 2023
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The impressive rotating restaurant-cafe in Thessaloniki and the Ote Tower


The OTE Tower is a 76 meter high telecommunications tower in Thessaloniki. It is located in central Thessaloniki, at the site of the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, which is one of the largest events of its kind in all of Europe.

It was built in 1970 according to the plans of the architect Alexandros Anastasiadis and was used for several years as the OTE pavilion at the International Exhibition. It was internally renovated in 2005. Today, it is used by Cosmote’s mobile network. At the top of the tower is the revolving restaurant SKYLINE Café-Bar.

The four-story Tower was designed by the architect Alexandros Anastasiadis in 1966 with a height of 76 meters. The first broadcasts of the Greek State Television in black and white were broadcast from this building a year after its completion, while from 1988 until 2010 it housed the local radio station Radio Thessaloniki 94.5. Today the OTE Tower has evolved into a modern telecommunications tower.

It is the only building with a rotating floor in Greece. In relation to the movement of the last level of the OTE Tower, much has been said over the years, such as that it no longer turns. The cause of the paraphilology in relation to its movement was a failure of the rotation mechanism in 1988, which caused the OTE tower to stop working for a few years, with the result that most of Thessalonica believe that the same thing is happening today.

But “The tower turns normally. Its floor rotates at a speed of one full rotation in 60 minutes. The entire drive system was a technical achievement of the Rohr house. In this complete rotation we can enjoy the incredible panoramic view of all the main attractions of Thessaloniki and of course the magnificent view of the thermal bay, especially when it is embraced by the unique colors of the sunset.

The Acropolis of the Seven Towers, the White Tower, the Rotunda, the Byzantine and archaeological museums, the view of the beach of Thermaikos Gulf, the garden of Alexander with its dense vegetation, Olympus and Mount Hortiatis as well as the city center with its intense activity is some of the sights visitors can see as the city unfolds all its beautiful stories.

The Ote Tower of Thessaloniki, Greece .Photo by Eleni Christofi CEO of info-scanner.com

About restaurant SKYLINE Cafe-Bar

” The newly-renovated SKYLINE Bar is located in heart of the city, on the top floor of the OTE Tower form where you can enjoy the main sightseeing’s of Thessaloniki during a gradual rotation of the tower which lasts 60 minutes. During this impressively unusual experience you can observe every corner of one of the oldest and most multinational cities in Europe, Thessaloniki.

In a uniquely designed environment with a particularly elegant decoration with and an amazing panoramic view of the main attractions of Thessaloniki, you can enjoy excellent coffee and various delicious snacks!

In the afternoon, make a gift to yourself and enjoy the magic of the most beautiful sunset in the city!!! Pick a wine from our extensive list or relax drinking one of our special cocktails made from our “experienced bartenders”!

As soon as it gets dark we are accompanied by piano melodies !!

Combine your drinks with food and  let the music and view to blow you away!

The Music, the view, the atmosphere and the service defy all expectations any expectations …
The ideal place for your night out in the name of Skyline bar!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Skyline bar ..” https://www.skyline.bar/about/

You can book or contact SkyLine Bar here: https://skylinebar.travelotopos.com/c/1

At SkyLine Cafe-Bar. Photo by Eleni Christofi CEO of info-scanner.com

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