June 5, 2023
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The Explanation Why We See Strangers In Our Dreams

We all sleep and we all dream, whether we remember it when we wake up in the morning or not. And this is the only certain thing about dreams, since for all the rest we are at a stage of hypotheses that do not necessarily agree with various scientific researches that are done on them. Fortunately, many of them are evolving – slowly but surely. This is because it is not easy to observe dreams or do some experiments on them. Most of the time it is so fleeting that we cannot remember clearly if we saw a specific face or if what we saw simply gave us the impression of a known or unknown person, without ever having actually seen that face in that particular dream. But, what is the explanation?

As you understand, the explanation cannot be scientifically substantiated, but juggles between scientific assumptions and conclusions, mystics and transcendental interpretations, but also beliefs that usually originate from folk tradition. The explanation can be one – the one that best suits and satisfies everyone – or a combination of many. In any case, dreams are a world of mystery.

Many see unfamiliar faces while dreaming. But when they say “unknown persons”, they mean that they are not familiar and do not belong to their immediate environment. However, they may have seen them somewhere, e.g. on the way from home to work on the Metro, in the news, in movies or series, so for some unknown reason the subconscious has recorded them for possible processing and uses them in a way of its own. But if the people who dream them have never actually seen them, anywhere, then the question automatically arises: “Is my brain capable of creating perfectly individual dream faces for people who don’t exist?” If so, this is an extremely interesting and at the same time terrifying finding. Stanford University examines this possibility in a related article.

Another possible explanation would be that seeing these faces is simply a glimpse into a parallel universe, which is theoretically possible according to the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum phenomena. Patrick McNamera wrote an interesting article on this topic in Psychology Today.

What many people wonder is whether dreams are a different way through which we can communicate with the “beyond”, with an unknown and different world. Perhaps, even with ourselves in a parallel world, or with other worlds, of different universes and dimensions.

While we sleep, it is a fact that we are in a kind of dimension completely different from our own. This is because during sleep, our conscious mind is almost inactive, i.e. it is in a state of relaxed rest. It is more relaxed and less sensitive to the external forces of our real world when we are awake. In this case, they may unlock situations and possibilities that we cannot with our physical body. An example could be how “unknown faces” can be versions of various aspects of ourselves up to our inner and higher self. Maybe this version wants to tell us something or warn us about something. (Read also:

We could also communicate with spirits or other beings who enter our dreams or encounter them in the course of an astral journey, since in many cases no effort is needed for out-of-body experiences. Our minds are much more open to the process of astral projection, whether we understand it and it happens consciously, or whether we realize it the next day, or whether we never understand it.
In such an astral journey, it is very likely that there will be encounters with other astral bodies that we encounter in the course and duration of the dream. That is why when we wake up we have the memory of seeing unknown faces that we have never seen before in our lives, either in sleep or in our wake.

In conclusion, the most likely explanations or a combination of some of them are: The existence of a parallel universe, a parallel world. Communicating with ourselves. Spirits and beings from other dimensions that pass through our dreams like passers-by in a square. An astral journey that takes place without realizing that we are doing it. Of course, no one can rule out other explanations. However, some of them seem to attract the interest of modern scientists.

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