June 5, 2023
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Shocking video: The moment a shark attacks a tourist in Egypt

A holiday in a tourist resort in Egypt turned out to be “fatal” for an Austrian woman after she was attacked by a shark while swimming, as she did not realize that the carnivorous fish was swimming in the same waters and lurking for its next victim .

As soon as the 68-year-old tourist saw the shark approaching her, she tried to swim to the shore as fast as she could, but unfortunately she was unable to escape its teeth. In front of terrified holidaymakers in Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea, he “wrote” her and cut off her arm and leg.

CAUTION! Hard images

As a result of the attack, she passed away a little later – while being transported by ambulance to the hospital – due to uncontrollable bleeding.

After the shocking incident, Russian tourists who recorded the scene with their mobile phones, strongly protested the absence of lifeguards and rescuers from the beach.

Local authorities banned swimming, diving and fishing in the surrounding area for three days for fear of sharks reappearing in the waters.

from: tothemaonline.com

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