June 4, 2023
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New study – Elementary school children spent 83 more minutes on screen during pandemic quarantine

Screen time during the coronavirus pandemic has increased especially among primary school children, who were exposed to it by one hour and twenty minutes a day more than usual, according to a global analysis.

This significant increase is associated with poorer nutrition, vision, mental health (including anxiety) and behavioral problems such as aggression, irritability and more frequent temper tantrums, the researchers say.

The findings conclude that action must be taken to mitigate the harmful health effects of millions of children.

The largest daily increase in screen exposure was found in children between the ages of six and ten. However, “significant” increases were seen across all age groups, including adults, according to Anglia Ruskin University, the Guardian reports.

After the children of first school age, who sat in front of the computer and the TV for 83 minutes more than usual per day, come the adults with 58 minutes more and then the teenagers (aged 11 to 17 years) with 55 minutes more per day . Children under the age of 5 also watched more television, by 35 minutes per day.

The study also found that leisure screen time, or screen time not related to work or study, also increased across all age groups. Children between the ages of six and 10 once again showed the biggest increase.

In addition to the harmful effects on children, the research found further links between more screen time and negative outcomes for adults. These included adverse effects on diet, eye health and mental health, such as anxiety, depression and loneliness, and on general health, including fatigue, reduced physical activity and weight gain.

from: cnn.gr, tothemaonline.com

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