June 6, 2023
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The forgiveness of the Resurrection

People often move forward in our lives with fear and anger. Fear that we may not experience what we desire within ourselves, that others will not respond to our requests, to what we are entitled to in our opinion by them, to what we believe, what we offer them. And anger when we find that what we feared is confirmed by reality. Anger is usually directed at people, against those who disappoint us. We have a feeling inside that we know what needs to be done, that we are right in what we ask for and we feel the other traitors of our right. That’s why anger does not go away easily. It leaves traces inside us, often strongly. It rules our heart. And it becomes an obstacle to love, because it is accompanied by a multitude of thoughts, which are criticized.

The center of the faith and life of the Church is the Resurrection of Christ. In one of the most beautiful hymns of the feast we shout, urging each other “let us always forgive the Resurrected”. Let us forgive for all because of the Resurrection. Let us forgive others for making us angry. Let’s put aside the rejection of faces. Let us give joy to our existence, not by hiding, but by asking for the erasure of the thoughts that make us suffer. And forgiveness comes with the Resurrection because Christ placed in Him all human existence and at the same time took on His shoulders the cross of our sins, buried them with Him in the grave and made through Him His forgiveness for all of us rise . If you do not take on your shoulders your mistakes and the mistakes of everyone, if you do not let them die, fade away because you choose to love, if you do not bury the thoughts in the grave of the past and do not ask Christ to forgive you and everyone those with whom you were angry and bent, then the message of the Resurrection does not substantially transform our hearts.

This path requires faith. Faith is a conscious decision not to let go of what frightens us and makes us angry to consider them superior to the will and power of God. Faith means the decision that we do not control our lives. That we do what we can, but we do not want to have the last word. Faith means being aware that others are free to tell us NO. To look like the robber who was not saved. To see the truth and close their eyes on the altar of the temporary. At the altar of proof. And the border that crosses you on the opposite bank is thin. A retreat to the thought that not everything is love and that you must find your way in every way.

The forgiveness of the Resurrection is a unique blessing. It is a relief of existence that says YES to the Risen God and shares it with those he meets and knows. It is the overcoming of the wear and tear that anger born of anger brings and the joy of love that sweetens the heart. Because the Resurrection with forgiveness gives an answer to what will continue to afflict us: the inability to overcome passions and death.

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