June 3, 2023
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Long-lasting food and with no expiration date

At a time when everyone believes that everything has an expiration date, some “immortal” foods, according to scientists, can be stored indefinitely and consumed at any time. Long-lasting food with no expiration date

They have the ability to remain edible and safe, even after many years but also to retain all their nutritional value:

Which are long-lasting foods?

Olive oil

The oil is best stored in two-liter or five-liter cans, away from light, heat or cold and of course humidity. The oil is generally stored for one or two years at most.

Rice and pasta

All types of white rice and pasta are extremely well kept in our cupboards for up to 1 or 2 years. In order not to lose their quality and nutritional value, we keep them stored in their original packaging.


Oatmeal is stored for a long time in their tin cans, just like they are commercially available.


If we choose to buy bulk legumes in large quantities, we store them in large airtight containers. Lentils on the other hand need to breathe. If we close them tightly, bugs will appear and will be damaged. Store for this in a cotton or linen case.

Evaporated milk

Especially useful in families with children, milk therefore can not be missing from the list. Condensed milk is sterilized at high temperatures and has a shelf life of several months, up to 1 year, without the need for refrigerated storage.

The evaporator is for special cases that need something that can stand the test of time without breaking down. Otherwise we pay special attention to the quality we use as in recent years it has declined: Milk and dairy: The dramatic conversion of a highly nutritious food


Yeast is essential, however fresh yeast does not last long. Can be stored in the freezer for 3 to 6 months. On the other hand, the dry yeast in the sachets, which is dried at low temperatures and packed in a vacuum, has the advantage of being stored for a very long time, up to 2 years.

The better the yeast, the better the yeast, which if used (regenerated) regularly can last for decades.


Spices, although they do not spoil quickly, have an expiration date. However, all spices will be kept fresh for a longer period of time, up to about 5 years. The freshness of the spices can be understood from the color and the aroma. We use our senses for this. If the color is not vivid and uniform or if their scent is not easily discernible, then it is time to replace them.

Tomato sauce is the basis of many recipes of Greek cuisine. There are ready-made ones in the supermarket but in the summer, which is the tomato season, we can make our own homemade jars. They can be kept for 1 year or a little longer in sterile and airtight glass jars.

Various vegetables in pickled form

We can preserve unripe tomatoes, white cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers, peppers with vinegar and salt in jars airtight for a long time.

Jams and pastries of the spoon

The generous amount of sugar contained in all these products acts as a preservative. Thus, their lifespan reaches up to 2 years, but having taken care to be stored in a place with the appropriate conditions.

Generally the constant temperature in the cupboard will keep them in the best possible condition. What are the signs that the product has broken down? It will have a darker color, a light taste and a liquid will appear on the jar. After opening, they are put in the refrigerator.

Dried fruit

Dried fruits have a low water content so they are not easily spoiled. In closed packaging, they last up to 6 months. They have a low glycemic index (when not sprinkled with extra sugar) and are the best way to enjoy our favorite fruits even when it is not their season.


Pastel is a tonic dessert made of honey and sesame with a long life as well. Nutritionally valuable as it contains vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. If it belongs to our taste preferences, we include it in the food list.

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