June 6, 2023
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4 Most deadliest Earthquakes since 2000

An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the shaking of the surface of the Earth resulting from a sudden release of energy in the Earth‘s lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes can range in size from those that are so weak that they cannot be felt to those violent enough to propel objects and people into the air, and wreak destruction across entire cities. The seismicity, or seismic activity, of an area is the frequency, type, and size of earthquakes experienced over a particular time period. The word tremor is also used for non-earthquake seismic rumbling.

At the Earth’s surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking and displacing or disrupting the ground. When the epicenter of a large earthquake is located offshore, the seabed may be displaced sufficiently to cause a tsunami. Earthquakes can also trigger landslides and, occasionally, volcanic activity.

In its most general sense, the word earthquake is used to describe any seismic event—whether natural or caused by humans—that generates seismic waves. Earthquakes are caused mostly by rupture of geological faults but also by other events such as volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear tests. An earthquake’s point of initial rupture is called its hypocenter or focus. The epicenter is the point at ground level directly above the hypocenter. -Wikipedia

So if you wondered which is the most deadliest earthquakes in the world, we researched the four deadliest earthquakes:

Haiti. January 12, 2010. Size 7.0. An estimated 316,000 people were killed and 1.3 million displaced, the deadliest earthquake of the century.

Indonesia. December 26, 2004. Size 9.1. There were 227,898 people killed in the earthquake and tsunami, with victims from 14 countries in South and Southeast Asia and East Africa. It was the third largest earthquake since 1900.

China. May 12, 2008. Size 7.9. There were 69,195 people killed and another 18,392 missing and believed to have died after an earthquake centered in Sichuan Province.

Pakistan. October 8, 2005. Size 7.6. More than 86,000 people were killed in an earthquake that devastated Pakistan-run Kashmir, but also killed people in neighboring India and Afghanistan.

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