May 28, 2023
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11:11 What does it mean when you see it more and more often

What is 11:11 and what happens when you see it, or rather notice it, more and more often? Maybe a higher power is trying to communicate with you? Or is your guardian angel trying to fulfill your mission?

Number 1 is a very strong number.
It is strength, momentum, principle, independence, uniqueness, initiative, confidence, ambition, motivation, leadership, courage, strength, creation, creativity, self-confidence, endurance, evolution, and uniqueness in life.
Number 1 reminds you that you alone can create your life with your thoughts, your beliefs, your intentions and your actions.

11 has the vibration and quality of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and compassion.

If you are in an era where you see the number 11:11 more and more often before your eyes,
the time of your spiritual awakening has probably begun. Seeing 11 11 more and more often you tune in to the vibration of the new beginning that wants to lead you to a necessary change of life and consciousness.

11:11 can open a portal to make your thoughts come true to make your dreams come true.

11:11 plays the role of… lens.
It is the moment when synchronicity sheds its light on your thoughts to make them a reality together.

So, always have a wish ready to be shouted.

Doreen Virtue says that the angelic numbers 1,11, 111, 1111 mean:
“Keep your thoughts positive because they will become a reality immediately.
Focus only on what you want and not on what you are afraid of “.

In matters of relationships, 11:11 is also considered the number of the Twin Flame.
The experience of the twin flame is experienced by two people who, during their incarnation, shared a piece of the eternal flame.
So when you see 11:11 it may mean that your twin flame is somewhere close and you are getting ready for your meeting.

The most important thing is that after you started to observe and locate 11:11 in your life, in time, in receipts, in places, in tables, a unique journey has begun for you that will change you and will evolve you spiritually, mentally. and physically. When 11:11 fulfills its purpose, other important numbers will begin to appear in your life in other important combinations.

Pay attention to the signs, to your dreams, to the issue that preoccupied you when you saw 11:11 to get the answers and guidance you need. And so, you will never feel alone…

You can choose to believe whatever you want. But always look at 11:11 as a small sign sent to you by the universe, god, energy, your higher self, your angel, to tell you that everything is already or is entering into the perfect sweet alignment.
And always meditate even for a moment on what the universe wants to tell you with every number, event and meeting.

Today if you see 11:11 again maybe a gate will open to make your dreams come true. Spend a few minutes during the day to feel grateful, to pray, to open your heart and mind to all the good that awaits you in the next moment. The gate is open. Will you allow your dreams to come true?


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