June 4, 2023
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Cyprus: Continued safepass in supermarkets. Cypriot citizens are protesting for their freedom!

Yesterday’s protest took place at the Presidential Palace in free part of Nicosia at 17:00 in the afternoon. Many people protested for their rights, as they report being violated.

Speeches and banners were attended by young and old people in the protest, dissociated from the measures of Cyprus, as more to emphasize the so-called QR CODE, in the replacement of the safepass certificate, which will take effect on November 22.

“We are not inanimate objects, we are human beings, ΝΟΤ IN THE SCAN” ,

They believe that the Government of Cyprus has greatly exceeded the measures, since you are still continuing the measure of Supermarkets that you must have a safe pass in order to be able to buy your food. Note that in order to have a rapid test you have to pay 5.00 euros at the pharmacy in your area and in the next 3 days you will have to do the rapid test again, because the test is only valid for 3 days. If you have already been vaccinated you don’t need a rapid test.

Many citizens of Cyprus complain about this measure as they consider it barbaric, especially if someone has a minimum income and the necessities to live. In short, they consider that what their government is doing is inhumane and leave people without food as they may not have the money to pay for the rapid test. Also other countries such as Greece and Belgium have not taken this measure for supermarkets and consider it pointless to carry out in Cyprus. Others see all that is happening as a set-up of the “New World Order” trying to reduce the population for their own interests.

The cases of Cyprus so far are at 264 and 587 deaths with a population of over 1 million.


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