June 3, 2023
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Zombies, Ghosts, Breadcrumbing in modern relationships? How toxic are they?

Technology, dating apps, and changes in morals have changed the way people flirt, fall in love, and relate. Or maybe not? Are all these phenomena old, just offered to us in a new verbal and semantic package? All the answers here


The term implies that someone you met yesterday has become smoke, a ghost, as if it never existed. He has disappeared from the face of the earth, he does not answer calls, messages, emails and the attempts for communication of the interested party are not successful. Why are they doing this? But to send the message that this relationship, if it ever existed, is over.
However, Ghosting is not a new behavior. In the past, people would go to the kiosk and forget to turn or hang up the phone and not open the door. Just now electronic and digital silence is more deafening.


And while you think you have fallen victim to Ghosting, the lover returns with messages, phone calls or close, as if nothing has happened, as if he never left and even more interestingly.
The reason is that he did not find anything better, that he had a lot of work, that he had no appetite, etc. This toxic behavior can be repeated indefinitely for a long time. Most likely it will disappear again.


If the man who had become a ghost returns to the forefront and in fact with many benefits and offers for the forefront, then we are jokingly talking about a zombie, a relationship that does not die.
However, neither of the above two cases is new. People have been disappearing, being found, being repaired and destroyed for centuries, in the western world.


A little more complicated, this requires ambitious perpetrators and naive victims. Non-binding relationships that remain constantly with a colon, a consequence of narcissism and other biological motives. Here no one gets lost or disappears, but love is in installments and the fruits of love are crumbs, hence the bread (crumbs).

In short, it is useful to have new terms to know the patterns of behaviors that people recognize. Common terms allow for easier communication. The worrying aspect may be why these terms are emerging now. Are “bad” behaviors increased or are they just more important in a virtual world? If e.g. these terms reflect higher frequencies of these behaviors, could mean more uncertainty, confusion and indirect rejection on the way to a life partner (if that is your goal) than in previous years…

In case if your man belongs to the above category, first of all you must speak openly to him about everything you feel towards him and tell him that you want to be by his side and that this whole situation upsets and tortures you. But if he does not understand, and is ignorant of what he is doing, you must be patient with him if you really love him. But if you think you dοn’t want to hurt yourself and you feel that you don’t want him anymore and you don’t want to be patient, it is better to move on with your life without this person ..

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