February 4, 2023
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Freedom or slavery?

Although we live in the 21st century and we are so technologically and materially advanced but we are missing something. It is not just an object or thing or a game. It is a golden and huge good called Freedom. How do I describe this word? As we say a picture is a thousand words, so a word it’s a thousand pictures. Other beautiful and other ugly images. We live in an age where the world is now dominated by ignorance and slavery. We do live in ignorance because we do not want or avoid knowing things as they are. Some people they be afraid to speak and narrate the law because they will be judged or condemned. Speak freely and don’t be afraid for anything. This is how they want you to be afraid and to belong to them rather than to your own freedom. In Freedom which is a difficult word that in order to analyze and describe it one may need countless pages.

Freedom is to free your mind from torturous and negative thoughts. To free yourself from the passions but also the weaknesses from your soul. From the same slavery of yourself. To live freely without being forced by anything. Without depending on the slightest object or thing you see in your life. Freedom is an invaluable asset that is difficult to seize. Have you ever found yourself choosing between slavery and your freedom? You may not have understood it but you really choose between these two. Most of the time we unknowingly you choose bad slavery. We enslave ourselves. For example, we choose to have wealth around us, to become a passion of dependence. Do we do everything to get it, and then what will happen? We lose ourselves. We are losing our own freedom. We choose a road full of iron railings instead of a free road without pressure and without drowning. We can’t hardly understand the whole this word, the Freedom because the most of our days we live on the slavery, inside and outside in our life.

Some wikifs of the ancient Greeks to understand what Freedom is:

It is impossible to be considered free who is a slave to his passions and is dominated by them. (Pythagoras, 580-490 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher)

It seems that excessive freedom turns into excessive enslavement. (Plato, 427-347 BC, Philosopher (State 564A))

A feature of freedom is parsimony (free expression of opinion). (Democritus, 470-370 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher)

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