May 28, 2023
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Russian weapon: disables radar and communications called the name “Zeus”

The Russian nuclear space trailer Zeus can be used to deactivate potential opponents with electromagnetic pulses and laser “shooting”

The United States and the United Kingdom have blamed Russia for testing a “space weapon” that could be used against satellites, not just those orbiting the Earth.

Russia plans to launch an electromagnetic weapon into orbit around the world to fight cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

According to documents from the KB Arsenal Design Bureau, we are talking about the development of electromagnetic and laser weapons, which, in addition to fighting enemy missiles, can also be used to destroy a spacecraft.

This weapon is designed to be developed on the “Zeus” nuclear tug.

The Russian nuclear space trailer Zeus can be used to deactivate potential opponents with an electromagnetic pulse and laser “shooting”.

In fact, we are talking about the first known case of placing powerful energy and electromagnetic weapons in the orbit of a planet and, in this case, it is possible to achieve high efficiency in the fight against supersonic weapons.

In addition, experts note that, if necessary, depending on the case, the area of ​​destruction of electromagnetic weapons can be tens or even hundreds of kilometers, which makes it possible to fight enemy forces on the ground, for example: by deactivating communications, radar, air defense systems and, in fact, any other electronic equipment.

“A target from an electromagnetic weapon can cover an area with a radius of several tens of kilometers, if not hundreds. It is very effective in fighting enemy forces, and when laser weapons are used, the accuracy of the blows can be measured in a few centimeters with incredible destructive power. “

According to various estimates, the implementation of such a project may take 10-15 years.

But the foreign ministries of the two countries, the United States and the United Kingdom, report that Moscow has already proceeded with the testing of a satellite, which included the launch of a missile with “weapon characteristics”, urging Russia to behave more “responsibly” in space. .

In particular, the State Department expressed concern about the recent use by Russia of “what appears to be a real anti-satellite weapon system in orbit.”

According to the head of the US Space Command (US Space Command), John Raymond, “the satellite that Russia used for this orbital weapon test is the same satellite that the US expressed concern earlier in the day. year, when they accused Russia of maneuvering near a US satellite. “

“This is an additional element of Russia’s ongoing efforts to develop and test space systems, and in line with the Kremlin’s published military doctrine, to use weapons that would jeopardize US and allied space media,” he said. of the US Space Command.

Although the United States has repeatedly expressed concern about Russian space activity, this is the first time Britain has made similar allegations against Russia.

“Operations like this threaten the peaceful use of space and endanger, from possible debris, satellites and other space systems on which the universe is based,” said Harvey Smith, head of the British space agency.

Russia, Britain, the United States and China are just four of the 100 countries that have signed a space treaty, which stipulates that space is open to exploration in all countries, provided their goals are peaceful.

In fact, the treaty explicitly states that no country should send weapons systems into space or “place” them in orbit around the Earth.

In the future, this tug will be used for flights to the moon and other planets in the solar system. Research on the ISS device has already been dubbed “Nuclon”.


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