January 27, 2023
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A short story with an moral message: “I call him Dad. Saif the little boy”

A new little fairy tale (short story) that came out in all AMAZON by our CEO of Info-scanner.com. A tale in English for ages 7+ that if you pay attention contains an extreme moral message for the parents themselves but also for all the abused children in the world. Below you can see the description of this short story and find the story itself in the following links down:

Every child has the right to live, but not alone! Each child needs a family, a home and a home cooked meal. He needs companionship and love and not mistreatment. How many millions of children are mistreated by their own parents, how many children suffer without talking about it? This little story tells you that a maltreated child is needed by a real family, by a real father. It will give you the message that you do not abuse your own child because then it will be too late to regain it back. Mother not only gives birth to their child , mother is the one who grows and really loves her child. This little fairytale is not only for children but also for everyone regardless of age. It is an example for everyone with dedication to all the misused children. A moral message for you and your children that you should not overlook it.”

The author of the book dedicates it to all the abused children of the whole world.
Written by Helen Christofi
( CEO of info-scanner.com)

Paper Back and Kindle Book:

Author(s): info-scanner.com

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